GP Partnerships

Ever considered partnering for your general practice?

A unique opportunity exists for your practice to partner with a major, well established medical centre operator.

How can partnering benefit your practice?

While potentially offering you a significant payment for part ownership of your practice, you will continue to retain a significant shareholding while passing the mundane management responsibility to your practice partner. You will be offered generous recognition for the real value you have built up in your practice whilst receiving financial security from partnering with an experienced medical centre operator.

The key elements include:

Lump sum payment

Your practice partner will offer you a significant payment for a share of your practice.

Retain autonomy

You can continue to work in your own practice as the Managing Principal while benefitting from the support services of a professional, doctor owned and managed organisation.

Build wealth

While retaining part ownership you will receive a high % of billings while receiving regular dividends with the potential of capital appreciation from the growth in your practice’s value.

Doctor centric

The practice partner is doctor owned and operated.  The focus is on you the doctor with flexibility that works for you.

Partner support

Your practice partner will focus on

  • Finances and centralised purchasing
  • HR and staff management
  • Doctor recruitment assistance
  • Marketing programmes
  • IT and other support services, eliminating your administrative burden allowing you to continue to provide care to your patients.
Wider network

You can benefit from being part of a network of over 50 medical centres.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss this offer.

Call us for a confidential and discrete discussion on partnering for your practice.